Designing a Woggle - Tips

Designing a woggle to be laser engraved onto leather, isn’t very difficult, but to help you along here are a few tips.

  • If you aren’t very good at design, don’t worry, you could always use our online Woggle Designer. We can also design a woggle for you, more details here.

  • On our standard woggle, the engraved area is 34mm in diameter, not a massive area to get your design onto.

  • Try and fill the available space, but don’t make your design very crowded or too complicated.

  • A design with lots of small detail might get lost, and the design may not look great when burnt into the leather with the laser.

  • When it comes to text, capitals are often easier to read and stand out more than lowercase.

  • Don’t use over fancy fonts for your text, it makes it so much harder to read.

  • Any graphics need to be black and white, that’s two colours (black and white), if you send in a design made up of different colours or even different shades of grey it probably won’t be useable.

  • Bold graphics work better than graphics with lots of fine lines, have a look at some of the logos available with our online Woggle Designer, they are all pretty bold images.

  • Choose your leather colour carefully. Remember, the laser is burning the design into the leather and this will leave a dark brown or black mark. The lighter the leather colour, the more your design will stand out. Have a look at our leather page which gives information on the different coloured leathers.

  • If you are unsure whether your design will work, email it to us, and we will let you know.