Leather Alternative - MDF Laminate

We are often asked if we have an alternative for leather. There are a lot of faux leather products out there and we have looked at a few. Most faux leather is fairly thin and not suitable for making woggles out of, but the main problem is that the majority are made out of a vinyl material, which can't be laser engraved for safety reasons. When the laser beam hits material containing vinyl (Polyvinyl Chloride) it gives off a toxic gas which is not only dangerous to humans but also promotes corrosion in the laser machine.

A vegan alternative to leather has been developed which is made from fungus (mushrooms). We haven't tested it to see how it reacts with the laser, but the material is very expensive and therefore would not be cost-effective when using it to make a woggle.

As a business we engrave and cut a lot of MDF Laminate (the same stuff that laminate flooring is made of) and we are now able to offer this material as an alternative to leather for woggles. The work involved in creating an MDF Laminate woggle is a bit more involved than making one out of leather:

  • The ordered design is copied over into a special file, where the laser settings are altered for engraving into the laminate.
  • As well as engraving the design into the laminate, the laser will also cut out the woggle shape.
  • The laser will also cut out a ring for the scarf to go through.
  • The woggle is then placed in a jig and the back of the woggle is deep laser engraved to accept the scarf ring.
  • The woggle and ring are then cleaned to remove any dust and resin resulting from the engraving and cutting.
  • Finally, the Scarf ring is glued in place onto the back of the woggle.

Due to the amount of work involved in creating a MDF Laminate Woggle, there is an extra charge of £2.00 over the cost of a leather woggle.

These woggles are not really intended for large orders (you can if you want) as they are that bit more expensive than a normal woggle, but are intended for those who do not want a woggle in leather.

Most woggles are available in MDF Laminate, if you want to order one just select MDF Laminate at the bottom of the 'Leather' option drop down list on the product page.