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A three-piece set of good quality stainless steel cutlery laser engraved with the owner's name on each piece. The set comprises a knife, fork, and dessert spoon.

The knife is 180 mm long, the fork is 175 mm long and the spoon is 174 mm long.

A maximum of 15 letters and spaces can be engraved, the size of engraving might have to be adjusted to fit the maximum allowed number of letters and spaces into the engraveable area of each item.

The laser engraving is a permanent mark and will not come off with normal use and washing.

The cutlery comes in a green soft neoprene zipped case.

If you wish, you can add an engraved Teaspoon (different make to the rest of the cutlery) for an extra £1.00.

You can also add an engraved Stainless Steel Straw for £1.50.

Both the Teaspoon & Straw fit in the Cutlery Case with the Knife, Fork & Spoon.

Please make sure you type exactly how you want the text to look, including capitals where required and double check everything, as I do not make alterations to that submitted.

Stainless steel cutlery is stain resistant, but it may not be completely stainproof. In order to avoid any chemical harm and keep it in the best condition, we recommend rinsing or washing cutlery after every use. Any extended contact with salt, vinegar, egg, tomato sauce, acidic fruits, detergents and selected tap water mineral salts may cause pitting, staining and even rust marks.
•    Rinse with hot water immediately after use to reduce chemical reaction of salts or acids, dry with a soft cloth.
•    Wash before first use and immediately after each use.
•    Do not leave to soak in water overnight, as mineral salts may attack the metal surface.

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