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Due to holidays, the workshop will be closed from the 30. March - 7. April 2023. Any orders placed during this period will be dealt with as soon as we reopen, and they will be processed by order of date received.
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We recently held a competition to come up with a woggle design for these troubling COVID-19 times. These woggles are based on the top three winning designs.

The woggles are available in a wide variety of different coloured leathers, and they are fastened with our own metal rivet.

50p will be donated to the Friends of Nobles Hospital, which is a Manx Registered Charity (No. 1079) for every one of these special woggles we sell.

These woggles will only be available during the current COVID-19 Pandemic.

Making a Woggle

All woggles are made to order; I do not keep any stock. I try and keep a wide range of coloured leather in stock, but it’s possible that certain colours won’t be available at all times. I don’t make all colours available to all woggles, as some designs just won’t work with certain coloured leather. Leather is a natural product and some imperfections might be noticeable. I do check each woggle blank before it’s engraved to try and make sure only the best pieces are used.

Woggle blanks are cut out using a steel die and a clicker press which uses 8 tonnes of pressure. To engrave the design into the leather a design is first created on a computer using a variety of different software applications. The design is then imported into the program that controls the laser machine and final sizing, laser power and speed settings are made. Different coloured leathers often require different settings. The leather blank is held in place in a wooden jig inside the laser machine, then the design is sent from the computer to the laser which can take between 40 and 80 seconds to engrave, depending on the size of the woggle and the design being engraved.

Once finished the woggle has the soot residue wiped off with a damp sponge, some colours such as white and gloss colours require further cleaning with Isopropyl Alcohol to ensure the finished woggle looks its best. The woggle is fastened with a metal rivet.

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