If you are looking for a simple woggle design, you can use this designer to add all the elements you need, then save it to your device as a jpg. You can then use the saved image when ordering a woggle on our Woggle Product Page.

Please note the Woggle Designer works best with Firefox, Chrome, Opera and the new Microsoft Edge Browser, it doesn't work in old Edge or Internet Explorer. It works on some tablets and smart phones.


You are presented with a Blank Woggle Template.
First select what style of border you want your design to have. You don't have to have a border if you don't want one.

Next select your text, you have a choice of either Upper Arch, Lower Arch, Full Circle, Single Line and Double Line. The text that is curved you cannot alter in size. The Line and Double Line Text you can make larger or smaller to fit in the available space.

Tip: You can use Full Circle Text and Lower Arch Text together but you can't use Full Circle Text and Upper Arch Text together.
If you aren't using either Single or Double Line Text you can add a logo in the center of the woggle, there are over 60 images to choose from or you can upload your own.

Any uploaded image will be converted to black and white. To alter the size of the image click on it and move the slider bar on the right.

Tip: Use a large image if you can and try and upload one that is already black and white, images with lots of colours wont work. The larger the image the better it will look. Don't forget fine detail wont show up when the leather is burnt by the laser.
Once you have completed your design, you can download the design to your device.
The Downloads are now free of charge, the image will be downlaoded in a jpg format at 1600 x 1600px with no watermark. On some Tablets and Smart Phones, the image wont save properly, so if this happens you could take a screen shot.

The Woggle Designer is the property of Julian Ashcroft T/A burntstuff.com. Reproduction of any part of this website, the Woggle Designer or source code is strictly prohibited.

Example Designs