Trollen Wheel

Trollen Wheel

Trollen Wheels are also known as Braiding Wheels and have a long history.

Trollen weaving is an old and widspread craft. It has existed in Europe for centuries. In East Asia, trollen wheels have been used for hundreds of years to create intricately patterned cords, ropes and braids, which are an integral part of many traditional East Asian clothes. In Japan the art of wheel braiding is called ‘Kumihimo’, meaning 'gathered threads' and it has been used from the 8th century through to the modern day to make incredibly decorative weaves.

Find a tutorial on using a Trollen wheel here.

Our Trollen Wheels are made from laser cut 3.6mm thick plywood or MDF.

We have two Trollen Wheels available both are around 80mm in diameter and have an 8mm center hole. One has eight slots and the other has thirty-two slots.

They are available plain or with a Celtic design laser engraved into the surface on one side.

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